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Should I use UCASH instead of other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies seeing usage as Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Cash, Store of Value (SOV), Smart-Contract Layers (FUEL) and other transactions is what UCASH exists to support, not compete with. We believe Bitcoin stands the strongest chance to become a future global reserve currency of the world. Our love for Bitcoin is what motivates us to keep growing the U.CASH ecosystem and capabilities, and lead to the distribution of the UCASH network token: as an incentivizing and usage mechanism that will make Bitcoin more widely available and used globally. The UCASH network token is not designed to compete with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, but exists instead only to enable access and usage of them more broadly. Using UCASH in the network and on smart-contracts for its developing purposes and for global incentivization is always promoted and encouraged. This is why the structure of the ecosystem was designed in a way to give out UCASH for completion of bounties indefinitely. This puts them in the hands of the users and develops a community which is incentivized to work together to build out the network and its capabilities. Although we promote Bitcoin and the greater ecosystem, there are still multiple reasons for earning and holding a small amount of UCASH as an individual user, and in larger amounts, if you are a converter, 3rd party service provider, partner, high volume service user or an organization.

  1. Access fiat cash-in and cash-out services through the U.CASH network and receive discounted fee payments.
  2. Utilize UCASH on available smart-contracts and functions to earn more UCASH bounties.
  3. Pre-pay for services earlier gaining discounted fees in the future, and thereby more transactions.
  4. 1 UCASH is the minimum network fee to complete 1 blockchain transaction through the U.CASH network.
  5. 1 UCASH reserves the ability to have 1 chain verified user account through the U.CASH network.
  6. There are a limited amount to be distributed trending towards 21,000,000,000 UCASH in circulation.
  7. The limited total UCASH was designed to consider scarce periodic blockchain and network resources.
  8. UCASH is partly an incentivizational token, use it to incentivize other bounties yourself.
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