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What personal information is kept on file?

The following information is stored on this site's initial U.CASH network portal servers:

  • Your profile information (name, email address, phone number), all of which can be edited from the 'Menu' on your account.
  • A list of IP addresses and devices that have accessed and transacted on your account.
  • Transaction information, including amounts and recipients for usage of your account.
  • Your account information (balances, currencies, verification, etc.), that may be sensitive and kept secured.

The following information is publicly available on many different blockchains:

  • Your public key (though your profile information -- name, email address or phone number is not posted on the blockchain).
  • Your transaction history.

Please note you can edit your profile information at any time, some of your account information when required, but never any information on a blockchain.

Other service providers, businesses, groups and individuals which utilize the U.CASH network may require you to store other information with them. Please see their relevant privacy documents for more information.

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