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Where are U.CASH network companies registered?

The network itself operates globally, and is able to be used, and built on top of, by anyone. Multiple organizations, businesses, individuals and groups worldwide are involved in growing the U.CASH network. Many of the network participants have registrations in their own jurisdictions. One of the main organizations that initially conceptualized the network, U.CASH Inc continues its operations in Canada, managing certain U.CASH network assets including Social Media, Support, Network Launch Site, Master and Retail Converter relationships and otherwise that have helped kickstart the ecosystem. Canada is a thoughtful leader and innovator in the global system, and many organizations are open to working together to make it an attractive country for innovative technology companies to operate from. Other organizations globally are building on the network in various ways as well, including technology development, converter onboarding, marketing, user onboarding, service provider acquisitions and more. As even more world wide organizations and individuals continue to build the ecosystem, the larger the power of the network for the users will become.

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