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What is the U.CASH network?

The U.CASH network is a group of peer-to-peer retail/online service providers (converters), combined with partner networks and access providers (Websites, Payment Providers, Merchants, Exchanges, portal clones, etc.) and blockchain enabled functions that enable end-users to access alternative financial services. It lets anyone in the world access unbanking and digital currency services while also giving them the ability to become a local converter themselves. This, in turn, allows these converters to provide services to other users in their local areas, increasing the network size. The larger the converter locations number, the more solutions the ecosystem can provide to its users. This is why the U.CASH Network stands for the Universal Cash Network, as it allows global access from fiat cash to digital cash utilizing technology and actual service providers.

UCASH is the name of the network’s native digital cash token. UCASH is used to facilitate efficient peer-to-peer transactions as well as function on incentivized smart-contracts that enable advanced functionality in the ecosystem. It is also used as a network access token to enable financial services of many types. The token will be swappable across multiple blockchain implementations for access to robust functionality on the network, regardless of the specific underlying blockchain technology used. This will allow UCASH to exist and function on top of many of the more popular cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, and many others over time. The network will not care which layer it uses, only that it is the most capable and efficient available to the user at that time. By owning UCASH, you are holding pre-paid access credits for U.CASH network usage. Some capabilities must utilize 1 UCASH to be completed, while others are on a sliding scale. Most of this usage is delegated to the background of available user interfaces. The U.CASH network is available globally, in over 50 currencies, including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This is why UCASH stands for the Universal Cash Token, as it allows global incentivized distribution and usage to join together to empower a truly powerful network.

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