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What is a converter?

The U.CASH network enables qualified individuals to become a U.CASH network converter. Converters perform ubiquitous transactions, help users fund their accounts (cash, bank deposit, Western Union, and more) or withdraw from their account (to cash, bank account, and more). Converters will conduct face-to-face transactions with users from an agreed meeting place, or at their store location based upon converter's own fees per transaction and operating hours, or even online from the comfort of their own home or office. Multiple types of converters exist, including:

  1. Master Converters: Provide network liquidity to other converters in local areas or countries as well as offer financial services. Master converters will initially be large money service business partners and other highly capitalized entities, but we will expand to include other financial institutions over the coming months and years.
  2. MSB Converters (Money Service Businesses): Single store, or multi-store brands which offer traditional money service business activities as well as online companies whose user base could benefit from access to the U.CASH network.
  3. Retail Converters (Storefronts): Businesses who have store-front locations that want to offer U.CASH network services. They can be any type of business including convenience stores, computer stores, cell phone shops and more.
  4. Individual Converters (Any Users): These are individual users that want to earn extra income by providing basic U.CASH network services to people in their neighbourhoods or online.
  5. Mobile Converters: Will provide services by coming to your location. The mobile converter can also be an MSB, a retailer or even individuals providing U.CASH network access.
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