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Why Bounty Offerings and not an ICO?

Unfair distribution of ICO tokens to "quick on the trigger" buyers and "whales" with large holdings of digital currencies has lead to rampant speculations in value of cryptocurrencies and tokens instead of being used for their purposes. Regular users are left out as these ICOs sell millions of dollars in digital currencies within minutes between a handful of large buyers, setting those tokens and cryptocurrencies on a path towards speculation and centralization. Bounty Offerings instead put the tokens in the hands of the people that believe in the ecosystem and are willing to put in the work to complete objectives that make the network better. By giving tokens to users who have earned them on an active platform, this gets them using and holding it for its intended purposes, not engaging in speculative actions. The UCASH network token is given out indefinitely for bounties and building on the ecosystem thereby being usable as a network support token for many years to come.

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