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What type of bounties exist?

Three types of bounties exist:

  1. Limited Time: Bounties which will only be available during limited time periods to be claimed. They will include time-sensitive or temporary assignments which will benefit the ecosystem as a whole.
  2. Unlimited Wait: Bounties which will stay available until such a time they are claimed. As the value of the network increases, these bounties will likely be claimed if not done so already.
  3. Infinite Claim: Bounties which will reward successful bounty hunters forever. A small percentage of the remaining reward in the bounty will be distributed to each claimant.

What if I can't find suitable bounties for myself 

If you don’t see any bounties you like, and you can think of new ways to help the U.CASH network you can propose new bounties. A small bounty is awarded if your proposal is adopted into the U.CASH network bounty system.

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