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How is the U.CASH network structured?

Currently, multiple organizations, businesses, individuals and groups globally are building on the Universal Cash Network (U.CASH). Technology developed, including ecosystem smart-contracts, tokens (UCASH, uUSD, uCAD, uINR, etc.), and blockchain enabled infrastructure is available as open-source software for anyone globally to use. 

Many entities are already involved in further seeing the ecosystem grow, and our vision to incentivize builders, developers and entrepreneurs have already set this ecosystem on a path towards global distribution. Several organizations and individuals globally helped initially kickstart the network, but their function is now to help foster innovation and guidance for the future of the ecosystem, while also helping develop technical and business solutions. The UCASH network tokens are currently managed with a cold wallet system but with the release of version 2.0 of the bounty smart-contract system, undistributed UCASH tokens will become more algorithmically claimed, further increasing decentralization and global participation in the network.

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