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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Over the years we have received a numerous amount of questions over and over again. Some of them are regarding Bitcoin, Blockchain or Cryptocurrencies. While others are about our business and the services we offer. We also get general questions and others from all over the board. Below, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) along with additional information we thought would be useful in explaining the U.CASH network.

  1. What are the U.CASH network and UCASH network access token? (15)

    1. What is the U.CASH network?
    2. Where are U.CASH network companies registered?
    3. What personal information is kept on file?
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    1. How does value locking work in regards to my digital fiat balance?
    2. Is any documentation required for bank deposits and withdrawals?
    3. How do I send some of my UCASH network tokens?
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    1. Can I rush my transaction?
    2. How long does a transaction take?
    3. How do I approve a payment request?
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  4. CONVERTERS (11)

    1. How do I remove myself from the converter list?
    2. Do I need to be registered to become a converter?
    3. How do I change or view my converter transaction currency?
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  5. MERCHANT (2)

    1. How do I become a U.CASH network merchant?
    2. What is a U.CASH network merchant?

    1. Why does my cryptocurrency address keep changing?
    2. How long does it take for a cryptocurrency transaction to be confirmed?
    3. How does the U.CASH network handle unconfirmed transactions?
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  7. FEES (5)

    1. What are the fees to add/withdraw funds using a converter?
    2. What are the fees for cryptocurrency?
    3. What are network fees?
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    1. What are U.CASH network ambassadors?
    2. How is the U.CASH network structured?
    3. Can I post my own bounties?
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    1. I lost my phone. How do I recover my wallet?
    2. My account balance does not reflect a transaction?
    3. I didn’t receive an SMS verification code during sign-up. What should I do?